Old Kraftsman Vintage Guitar

Old Kraftsman was mostly a product of KAY and the house brand sold thru the Spiegel catalog. This guitar dates back somewhere around 1959 to 1960.

The guitar has no body holes, yet it's hollow. I like playing the guitar unamplified while watching TV. Only problem is, where did I set the TV clicker?

This guitar, amplified, sounds swampy and twangy like a Telecaster. I also have a collection of 50+ tube radios from the 50's, so I felt here was a good spot to show at least one of them along side my 50's guitar.

I'm including closeups of the Old Kraftsman logo and the beautiful burled wood.

Click on first two images to open an enlarged view in a new window.

Old Kraftsman Guitar

Sideview of my Old Kraftsman Guitar with one of my circa 1950 radios

Old Kraftsman Logo

Detail of wood

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